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This Community is for the Promotion of Character Role Play Games.

What exactly do we mean by character? Well, character RPGs include any games based on:

  • literary works
  • movies
  • television shows
  • historical events
  • original creation

    In which the members play as the characters (not the celebrities) of that particular genre. This covers just about all categories except RPS / Celebrity games-- oh, and point-based action play doesn't fit under the category either. If Celebrity / Point-based games are pimped, the advertisement will be deleted, and upon second offense the poster will be banned from this community.

    Please use the following form to advertise:

    Format: (List both what type and where it’s located, ie: Journal-based on DJ)
    Community Link:
    Website Link: (if different)
    Contact: (your email address)
    Age/Audition Requirements:
    Further Info: (feel free to make this part as long as you like)

    There are no set rules on how many times you may advertise, but keep in mind that it won’t do you any good to do so more than once a week and if I see any excessive posters they will be banned.

    Below is the RPG listing, categorized by genre:

    Lord of the Rings / Tolkien:

    The Fourth Age: post WotR, audition only
    Last Light: semi canon, man-orientated
    Shadows Of Mordor: off canon, general play
    Vanya Sulie: Gen LotR

    Harry Potter:

    Floo Network: for hardcore players
    Knockturn Alley: Harry Potter Gen
    The Bell Jar: 1941 AU
    Temporis Amoveo: Harry Potter AU
    Beyond Hogwarts: Post-Voldemort; Players must be 18+
    Nox: a Death Eater RPG
    At Hogwarts: 7th Year HP
    Hogwarts Life: 6th Year HP
    Simply Corking: Anything goes


    Sunnydale OSI: Buffy AU
    Sacrificial: Buffy AU (after season 5; buffy not revived)


    Wayside: Pirate Fantasy OC
    Shiver My Timber: Colonists & Pirates


    Random Universes: All anime
    Fushigi Yugi: for mature players

    Les Misérables:

    Paris, 1832: Canon Les Mis
    Thy Shadow Guide: Paris in Turmoil; players must be 17+


    Fangsters: Vampiric Gangsters OC
    Spaceport Weini: Gen. relaxation; all pups welcome
    Legend of the Green Leupak
    Kill Bill RPG: based on the movie
    The Kindred RPG: Original Fantasy